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Stigmate Records is one of the well known independent record store that opened in Geneva in 1994. Way before the revival of the vinyl! It has now relocated in the heart of Yverdon - les - Bains in Switzerland.

The shop is run by Mauro Bozzi , a longtime music and vinyl devotee, a musician and an occasional DJ. His passion for music lead him to travel all around the world in order to experience the new up and coming music genres and meet the musical pioneers. Throughout 40 years of submergence in the music world, Mauro has many incredible stories to tell and most of all many treasures to share. Mauro is always happy to welcome music enthusiasts to his shop, to talk about music and to show all his collection. If you are lucky and catch him on his very good days he even makes suisse fondu in his shop whilst listening to some good tunes. It’s worth a trip!!!

In the shop there are more vinyls than you can count with endless choices of genres. He also has nice selection of vintage musical instruments, HI-FI and several priceless memorabilia’s. However Mauro also can provide some advice if you have a collection to sell or want to know its worth. He will even offer to come to you. Passion… it’s a beautiful source of energy.